Golf Rules

It’s transition time around here. Mt. Rose closed last Sunday and it’s time to break out the golf clubs.

A couple of months ago I wrote about how my son Liam suggested I ditch my writing career and become a police photographer instead. He made this observation because of my love of picture-taking….and my appreciation for rules.

It may be that one of the reasons golf is so appealing to me is that it truly is a game of rules. Of course the fact that there are so many rules can also make the game maddening. But guess what? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are bunch of apps for that! I’m planning to make my way through a few of them, but the one I downloaded for starters is the USGA’s Golf Rules. 

What’s most convenient is that you can search by topic or phrase and jump to the topic you have a question about. For example, if you’re wondering what to do if your ball is out of bounds, just search “out of bounds” and rule 27 will pop right up.

I’m always sad when ski season is over but I’m excited to get out to the driving range with my crew this week.

What do you do when the snow melts?


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