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Golf and Goal Setting

I’ve been away! Actually, I’ve been at home wrapping up finals projects. As of tonight I’m OFFICIALLY finished with my second semester of graduate school. Wow.¬†Anyway, that’s the reason for the long silence.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about The First Tee, the program where my kids are learning to golf. In a roundabout way, I’m learning via The First Tee too because I adopted the woman who runs the program in northern Nevada to teach me when she’s not teaching kids.

One of the things that kids learn via TFT is goal setting. In the program, the coaches call it a “goal ladder.”

The idea is this: pick a goal that is specific and within your control. For example, a kid might set a goal to make 10 putts in a row during a practice AND pass his math class. Then, once those goals are met, the bar goes higher. The goal might be to raise his overall GPA to a 3.2 and to shoot par.

I love the idea of a goal ladder. I mean, it can relate to food or fitness or parenting or anything in life really. But every time I go out on the course, or to the driving range or the putting green, I have a goal. It might be to make 6 putts in a row when I practice putting. Or it might be to keep my HEAD DOWN until I see the head of the club strike the ball when I’m on the tee (guess what one of my biggest problems is?!).

Setting goals for golf and life

In other words, my goal is to focus on one thing at at time. One of my biggest problems is that as soon as I get into my ready position, I go through an elaborate and ever-growing checklist. I’m pretty sure most golfers, especially beginners, know what I’m talking about.

Do you have golf-related goals? Are you a goal-setter in other areas of your life? Do you encourage your kids to set goals? What are some goals you’ve set and met recently? Please share.