Get Smart (Gloves)

A few months ago I wrote about these cool Manzella gloves for my friend Vera’s blog. Since then I’ve found a bunch more in the same category. Since it’s major sale season, I thought I might do a little round-up here. From this list, the only ones I’ve tried are the Manzellas, but I definitely want to check out some of these others.

These Chaos Adrenaline Heater Gloves ($18.99) are similar, but they’re described as “liners.” For someone like me who prefers mittens, they’re ideal. I can wear them underneath but not freeze my fingers off when I need to use my phone.

These gloves, from 180s, feature little “pods” on the index finger and thumb that allow you to operate the touch screen on your phone or iPod ($50). I like that the cuff comes up  high on the wrist and has a cinch to keep the cold out.

The Pow Transfilmer offers the best of both worlds ($65). The mitten flaps fold back to reveal gloved fingers, with an uncovered index finger. Pretty slick.

The bottom line: there’s a smart glove out there for every preference. Has anyone tried any of these “smart” gloves? Got a favorite you want to share?