Ski videos

Perfecting the Ski Tunes Playlist

Earlier this winter — when we were looking forward to snow that didn’t actually show up until this week — Liam and I lined up a bunch of ski movies on the instant stream of Netflix and had a Warren Miller movie marathon. Liam also introduced me to  Teton Gravity ResearchMatchstick Productions, companies that produce rowdy ski films. These movies feature lots of shots of young men (mostly) climbing out of helicopters and then hucking themselves off of cliffs and doing lots of other crazy gravity-defying tricks. It’s enough to make the mother of a teenager feel sick.

Then Liam found this video on YouTube. It was apparently very popular with male teenaged skiers, but I found myself watching it over and over again because it’s so mesmerizing. Even though I’m not and never will be an urban skier — or even a fan of urban skiing because, sorry kids,  it’s just too dangerous — the video is supercool.

There’s a great backstory with details about the filming of the video on for those who want to know more. And the song! It’s by LCD Soundsystem, a band I didn’t know before, but is now on our “ski tunes” playlist. That’s the list we listen to as we make the drive up the hill to Mt. Rose every weekend. It’s one of the few pieces of music that my kids all agree on. We have disparate tastes: Liam likes Foo Fighters and The Who; the girls like Pitbull and, um, Kelly Clarkson. When Rob’s with us,  it’s Jimi Hendrix, Cheap Trick and Neil Young, all the way. For the record: Times Like These, Baba O’Reilly,  International Love and Walk Away are all on my  iPod.

Do you like ski movies? What music inspires you before you hit the hill?