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10 Things about Skiing/Snowboarding that Make me Cringe

Now that we finally have some snow in Tahoe, all of a sudden there are crowds. And lines.  When the hills get crowded, rude and foolish behavior become pervasive. I’m always amazed by the things people do that occupy the gray area between bad manners and stupidity. Here are 10 things that make me cringe:

10. Skiing or riding on terrain that you clearly are not skilled for. One word: lessons.

9. People who duck ropes to enter closed terrain “because the snow is better.” Did you see this article about the rise in deaths related to  “side country” skiing,  i.e. just out of the boundaries of ski resorts?  If you get into trouble and get hurt, you endanger your own health, but also that of the ski patrollers who have to come and fetch you.

8. Skiers and riders who lack situational awareness. If you’re ripping down the hill and you see kids in front of you, slow down. They make unpredictable turns and the more space you give them, the better. For everyone.

7.  Skiers and riders who stop in the middle of a trail where they can’t be seen from above. This is a good way to get  hit, even though…

6. … the skier/rider who is downhill has the right of way whether s/he’s crossing a trail, turning, or stopping. Always.

5. Getting in the doubles line when you’re single. It just messes everything up.

4. People who step out of their skis/board and just leave their gear sitting at the bottom of the stairs or entrance to the lodge.   The racks are there for a reason, people.

3. The bro-dude slamming a PBR in line. Chances are very good that he’s not as good a skier/rider as he thinks he is and he presents a serious hazard to my family and me. Save it for Après, s’il vous plaît.

2. Adults who ski/ride without helmets.  D-U-M-B.

1. Parents who let their kids ski/ride without helmets. D-U-M-B-E-R.
What makes you crazy when you’re skiing or riding with your kids?