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Teflon Coating for Skis?

On Friday Julia and I spent the day at Alpine Meadows skiing in a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project. It was a lovely day except for one thing. The snow was TERRIBLE. It was a chunky slushy mess that was really difficult to navigate. You know the kind of snow that you can be gliding along in and suddenly your skis just stop but your body keeps going? It was that kind of snow. In other words: a hazard to my ACLs.

I keep my skis well-tuned and waxed (my resident waxer is my 14-year-old son who learned to care for his skis when he raced) but the wax he had laid down didn’t last long in the sloppy slush.

At lunch we went into the ski shop and picked up some Zardoz NOTwax wipes. How have I never tried these things before? Picture little hand-cleaning wipes that are covered with a slick teflon formula. You just swipe the product the bottom of the ski and voila!! No more skiing like a weeble who can wobble but not fall down! For the rest of the afternoon it was smooth sailing.

For an in between waxes quick fix, AMAZING.