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Sometimes Mom Skis with her other Family

It doesn’t happen all that often, but I get to sneak away from my family for an occasional weekend. This past weekend was the 6th annual girls’ ski trip. I was with family, but it was my college family…my sorority sisters.  We’ve known each other for, gulp, going on 30 years.

Did anyone hear about the gi-normous storm we had in Tahoe this weekend? Let’s just say our timing was very, very good. We woke up to a reported 48″ of fresh snow at Ski Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe.

Wait, we actually woke up to this view, on March 17,  from the kitchen window of my friend Mary’s house in the Tahoe Keys:

Talk about the luck o’ the Irish! I mean, could it be any more beautiful?

I wish I could report that we were up and out of the house by 8:00 but we were a bunch of women on vacation with no children or husbands to worry about. By the time we got to Heavenly — the mega resort that straddles the Nevada/California border, it was closer to, um, 8:45 9:30 10:00.

This is a shot of me at the base of Gunbarrel,  Heavenly’s signature double-black manic-mogul run that from this vantage point looks almost flat. Clearly we missed the best of the fresh. Oh well:

I hadn’t skied at Heavenly that many times before Mary bought her awesome vacation house, and, to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite. Over the years I had had a handful of poor customer service experiences that made me want to avoid it.

But then Vail Resorts bought Heavenly and this girls’ weekend became an annual event (thank you Mary!!). Let me just say that the customer service at Heavenly has done a 180! From the minute you pull into the parking lot until you walk off the mountain at the end of the day, the staff couldn’t be friendlier or more helpful. Heavenly has become one of my favorite places to ski. In part that’s because once a year I get to share it with this group of lovelies (Mary, Holly and Corinna and, not shown: “the other” Dana and Patty — we were a smaller than usual group this year but 5 out of six of us made it onto the snow!) But it’s also because the new management makes the whole experience pleasant.


For the record, my friend Corinna (on far right) and I FINISHED the day with a run down Gunbarrel that was so good we took the chair up and did it again! Sunday was just as good. And the mountain was practically empty.

Can’t wait until next year.